Big M Outer Loop

95 percent of the Outerloop is passable, volunteers have made it all the way around with our tracksled and Riders have made it all the way around to pack that in but the last 5 miles are still a little soft from today’s groom. I’m not sure when they’re going to groom again with the track sled but it should be pretty good after that. We came across some tracks from a writer who clearly had too much air in their tires, so just a reminder to riders out there that Low tire pressure is the key I was running two psi if that and if you have to walk a hill, which you will, make sure that you don’t walk on the groomed surface walk in the deep snow and leave your bike in the groomed surface. Volunteers are expanding exorbitant amounts of energy and time to prepare the surface for a race coming up on the 13th of January and it is disheartening, to say the least, to see footprints down the middle of a freshly groomed trail.

Several passes with the snowmobile and groomer have been around the 5 mile beginner loop and that is in fantastic shape

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