Big M Update – 2/14/20

The Outer Loop was last groomed on Monday. I had the chance to ride it on Wednesday night and thought it set up pretty darn well! There was a soft spot here and there in the clearings and the Road Monkey/Outback was a little bumpy, but overall it made for a great ride!

We received some fresh snow in the past two days and the entire Outer Loop will be groomed tonight. Based on Wednesday night’s conditions, fresh snow, and temps forecast below freezing I expect the Outer Loop will be awesome this weekend!

Fire Tower was groomed on Wednesday night and will be groomed again tonight.

The Beginner Loop groomers were both motivated and creative this past week. New equipment and…um…methodologies were utilized to smooth it out. See photos below. The result is a wider and smoother trail. There are plans to groom this loop again Saturday evening.

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