Big M Update – Mon. 1/13/20

Half of trail was groomed on Sunday before the track sled experienced unfortunate mechanical issues putting it out of commission. Groomed sections include Corkpine, Bullwhacker, and the Fire Tower loop down to Steinberg Rd. The remaining portion of the Northern section & the Little Loop are not groomed. The sections that are not groomed have been ridden in, so there should be tracks and good riding.

The forecast for the next couple of days looks great with mostly below freezing temps and not a lot of new snow, so things should firm up nicely!

Weekend plan with the track sled out of commission: If we do not receive too much snowfall this week we may groom the outer loop with the Rokon or borrower the Ludington School Forest track sled. If neither of those options work out, the goal will be to ride in the trail by Saturday morning. Check back Thursday or Friday for another update before the weekend.

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