Big M Update – Sunday 2/17

So I was a bit optimistic with my last report. The warm day and rain never really materialized so trail conditions stayed at “mid-winter” and didn’t harden up into spring snow. The trail got pretty chewed up on Saturday from people riding with too skinny of tires and at too high of pressure so most everything was groomed again Saturday night.

I would recommend at least 4.5″ tires and lower pressures unless you are a light rider (under 150lbs). If you can’t stay on the trail, have to walk uphills… lower your tire pressure. Also if you have to walk, walk in the deep snow next to the trail not in the groomed portion. Everything was 100% rideable yesterday until people started walking in the trail. If you can’t make it up a hill, please don’t screw up the trail for people that can ride it.

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