Big M Weekend Forecast

The trail held up well through the different thaws over the last few weeks and as of last Sunday afternoon we still had about 99% snow coverage with a couple bare spots and some patches of grey ice. As of last night (Thursday), there was about 2″ of fresh snow on the trail. More snow is supposed to fall during the day Friday and we plan to groom the outer loop Friday evening. The little loop will likely be groomed Saturday morning.

It is supposed to snow 1-3″ during the day on Saturday. My guess is that the trail will stay ridden in and should be great riding. Depending on how much snow we get Saturday and how well it rides in we may groom Sunday morning. Either way, Sunday should be another day of great riding.

Expect trail conditions this weekend to be more towards the mid-winter end of the snow spectrum instead of the super fast and grippy spring snow we have had for the last few weeks.

Just a quick note: The crust riding has been superb. You basically can ride anywhere. Because of that you could ride other trails in addition to the groomed trails. There is a small window of opportunity to do this before we get so much new snow that it shuts down NCT and other trails.

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