Big M Weekend Forecast

Right now we are shaping up to have great spring snow riding this weekend!

We groomed Tuesday evening and I hoping no one ruts it out between then and when temps are supposed to drop Thursday evening. We will regroom the trail Friday if need be.

Friday and Saturday look like the trail should be amazing. It is supposed to be below freezing both days so we should have amazing spring snow conditions to ride. The base is solid so there shouldn’t be any ice.

Saturday night there is a chance of snow. Hard to say how much there will be at this point. If there is a ton (more than 4″, which is doubtful) we will groom Sunday morning. Otherwise it should ride in nicely on Sunday.

Sunday is predicted to have a high of 38 so you want to ride in the morning and be off the trails before they soften up too much.

If you are lucky enough to have Presidents Day off on Monday it should be good riding in the morning. It is currently supposed to be below freezing Sunday night so things should firm up nicely for riding Monday morning.

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