Ludington fat bike trail report updated 1-29-16

Ludington School Forest trails
We’ll be keeping a running log of trail grooming reports so you can get a good idea of how the trail conditions are in the Ludington School Forest (see links to GPS data and trail maps below). As we develop this resource of multi-use trails in Ludington it will help if we all follow generally accepted best practices when using the trails. Wider tires are better and lower tire pressure is better. Around 5psi seems to be a good fit, but it’s something to experiment with for sure. And if you are leaving a rut in the trails it’s probably too warm and it’s best if a different spot to ride is found. Being that they are in fact multi-use paths as long as everyone follows the same guidelines I think we’ll be in good shape. There were some running tracks on the trail on a recent Saturday morning and I’m happy to provide that resource for runners and walkers. And if they follow our best practices of not leaving ruts or post holes in trails that’s great. For conditions of the Manistee Trail Park click here Andy Klevorn

1-29-16 Report
Dave groomed with the snowmobile Friday morning. Trails should set up fine before Saturday’s big thaw. Planning a Ludington SFT ride at 9am tomorrow.

1-25-16 Report
The Rokon is here! And while we build a rolling groomer we’re using the one Dave built and a redneck ice fishing sled with comb on the bottom I put together this weekend. The orange loop has seen a pass with both the sled (Saturday night) and Dave’s groomer (Sunday night) and should be really good. The northern loops were groomed Saturday night. I had 50 pounds of weight in the sled and could have easily pulled the other 40 that I have to pack it down better.
IMG_3007 copy

1-21-16 Report
Trails were pretty good once a couple guys went down them on bikes. We got about 3 inches of fluffy snow during the day yesterday after grooming Tuesday night. We took 20 minutes for the team and rode in Joe’s Loop which is too twisty for the snowmobile. Fell more in that 20 minutes than the past two seasons combined, but there are tracks through there now. Here’s a short and noisy video from last night. Every single noise from the bike is transferred through the GoPro I swear.

1-20-16 Report
Just got done grooming again. Should set up nice for the Ludington Wednesday night ride.  

I’m sure Mike Petersen will be heartbroken to learn he’s been replaced. His knees are jumping for joy. 

Just south of Bryant Road. Fresh cord. 

1-19-16 Report
Five inches of fresh pow overnight. Back to square one. Probably get back out there later tonight to groom for WNR.

1-18-16 report
Just groomed today at lunch. Went a lot better with some tracks set. Got everything but Joe’s Loop (Orange Loop) and I got 1/3 of that until I had to bail out. It should set up quickly in these temps and be rideable by the time work lets out.

1-16-16 report
Trails were awesome Saturday morning, We groomed Friday night and they set up well, what we couldn’t groom with Dave’s sled and groomer we rode in with a big group. It was Mike and I’s first attempt at grooming, so 95% of it is really good, and 5% of it could stand some improvement. There’s a couple of big clumps of snow from the groomer here and there, but if you pay attention, as you should, you’ll have a blast. We’ll see what this next storm brings and how we groom that.
Click here to download/view map of trail system.

Snowmobile trails on the north side of Hamlin lake should be fabulous on Monday.

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