Ludington School Forest 1/19/21

I took a little extended lunch break and groomed about 10 miles of fat bike and walking trails in the Ludington school forest today. I don’t normally groom in the daytime it doesn’t generally have enough time to set up but I got a pretty early start and it should set up fine by five or 6 o’clock tonight. I also wanted to go in and Smooth down the walking trails, most of the walkers have been pretty respectful of the groom fat bike trail so I like to keep them happy. There wasn’t much snow, two or 3 inches maybe zero in the heavily forested areas, So riding them early won’t hurt anything and they are or will be in great shape once we get some more snow. Just a plug for the groomers and the Shoreline Cycling Club, if you enjoy the trails and want to throw a little coin our way, join the club, there’s a PayPal link on the front page of our site. Most of the money goes to support the grooming mostly. I break something almost every time I go out. This time only the battery came loose and was floating around by the time I got home, so only a bolt. But before that it was a spark plug and before that it was a staple gun to hang some signs and before that it was a clutch for the last track sled before that it was a track sled before that it was a Rokon, if you get my drift.

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