Ludington School Forest 1/2/21

Still experimenting with the snow dog so I went out and did a hot lap just pulling a large truck tire. We will see how that works.

Just a reminder to Riders new to the sport, we appreciate fat bikes only on groomed Singletrack. In Ludington we Groom the multipurpose trails as well as the fat bike specific trails so if you do not yet have a fat bike there are plenty of trails for you to ride. High pressure tires that are less than 4 inches wide carve up the trails and ruin them for everybody else. There was plenty of evidence of people running too much air pressure both fat bikes and skinny tires in the trails.

PS if anyone finds that green kayak strap that’s in the back of the snow dog can you leave it with the grooming equipment either off Sherman or just south of Bryant it fell out, I’ll probably find it in the morning but you know if anybody else gets out there before me I would appreciate it, thanks.

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