Ludington School Forest 1-25-19 #groomus_interuptus

Update – The groomer is back in action, and everything has been groomed with the exception of the northern section of the orange loop. Most everything the southern section of the north south through trail is also not been groomed, I may head out and groom that later tonight we will see.


The SFT grooming woes continue, between crappy snow and groomer break-downs here’s where we stand.

The north loop (red) has not been groomed since Wednesday morning, and the dog walker walked down the middle of that. The Blue loop has a couple of laps with the tracksled and the sled behind it and the southern half of the orange loop was done with tracksled and pan. Most of the walking trails around the blue and orange loop were hit last night before the clutch on the tracksled seized up and it became a really large paperweight.

Here’s a map to the trails.

Disc golf has not been groomed since Wednesday. See everyone at Big M Saturday morning for the Big M Firetower fat bike race.

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