Ludington School Forest 12-19-16

Wow, 15 inches of snow, 3 days and 9 man hours later, the Ludington School Forest trails will probably set up great by morning. Of course we’re getting a little thaw. The Rokon is absolutely the machine for 1-6 inches of snow if you have a nice base built up, and I don’t think there’s any one machine that’s perfect. But it’s gonna be handy to have a snow machine handy for storms like that. I got around all of the bike trails and most of the disc golf. I couldn’t get to the long uphill that cuts through that one disc golf hole at the SE corner of the property, I got to the bottom of the hill at the exit of that hole and the clearing right before it, but I’d just bushwhacked through the center of the course and lucky I didn’t need a helicopter extraction. The Rokon pulled the groomer through fresh powder, with the pan up, through the middle of the field and what must be two feet of snow.

Just a reminder about trail etiquette.

Fat bikes only please on the sections of trail that were purpose built for biking.

3.7 or wider and 4-ish psi.

If you’re leaving a rut deeper than an inch conditions are too soft and you shouldn’t be riding.

When riding the shared trail yield to walkers and skiers.

If you run into a walker on the purpose built single track be nice and try and educate them to our purpose of creating a regional resource to benefit the entire community. If their trails are filled with too many divots from walkers have them send me an email at and we will get someone out there to groom their trails for them. But at the end of the day they are trails on public land and they have as much right to be there as we do.

Then invite them to the Trail Open House and pray for cold weather.


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