Ludington School Forest 12/22/17

Six man hours later, the north-south through trail and the north section of singletrack are repaired from Tuesday’s ill advised cycling adventure by what I am sure are newcomers to the sport. I taped off the north section so that I could be certain that it would set up overnight but by Saturday morning Ludington should have spectacular groomed trails. Dave brought his drag in from Parkridge point and I was able to groom every fairway I could find in the disc golf so there should be at least a couple more miles of wondering winding groomed trail in the disc golf section of the Ludington school forest. It’s a good thing it’s going to be so coldOtherwise I’m certain will be sharing the space with disc golfers. Thanks to all those that came out and raked the rotted up sections of the section of trail north of Bryant and we will see you out on the trails Saturday morning.

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