Ludington School Forest ~ February 9, 2018

At lunch yesterday I threw a frame around an ice fishing sled we had as a groomer a while back, it’s been in my garage as we’ve not had a winter like this since we started grooming operations. The idea was to haul a rider around behind our Rokon when we can’t pull our big roller groomer, but need something more than a truck tire can offer. They could then berm some corners and fix some off camber sections that are just a slippery slope at this point in the season. We got about 100 feet down the trail and realized a full grown human was too much drag. So we threw in a couple of bricks and then I threw in a tire that we used at one point, basically grabbing things to throw in the sled until I couldn’t pull it. It worked pretty well, the coolest part, see the video in the comments below, are the wings that are custom tensionable hinges. Those work great. And note to self, if you install a bottle opener on your groomer, thinking you’re cool, put it on the INSIDE of the handlebars…

In any case, the SFT and disc golf were groomed last night, we got an inch of that crappy loose granular snow last night which shouldn’t do much to that groom. Should be good this weekend.

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