Ludington school forest report January 8, 2018

The best I can say about the Ludington school forest trails is that I hope the beach is rideable.

The Ludington school forest trails are closed. Probably until Friday, I was in there at lunch with the Rokon and couldn’t Pull either groomer so I resorted to a truck tire to at least widen it out for whatever tracked vehicle we take in there as soon as it cools down. I hung up trail closed signs, let’s hope people heed those messages. Some times the hardest thing to do as a groomer is not groom, I’m hoping that folks stay off the trails as we get this warm up, if that happens and the swath I cut through there with the tire settles and freezes, we’ll have a good base to work with on Friday night. In the meantime, here’s some drone footage for your viewing pleasure.


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