Ludington School Forest Trails Brewwwfest Weekend Update 1-28-22

Trails are in good shape, almost no hiker incursions, in fact footprints up to some signs and then tracks off to the side of the track. Amazing! Thank you very much.

We have one biker, not sure who it is, and, not to sound like a broken record, but whoever rode this morning, right before me, had 4″ tires and about 7lbs of air, at least 3 too many. What you’re going through on the uphills can NOT be any fun…

You should be able to press down on your tire, and make a fairly significant divot in the tire. If it’s too hard you can’t even press it, let some air out. See below. I started with 4.5 I’m guessing, and let a pound out after the first half mile.

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