Ludington School Forest Update 1/22/21

I managed to get out with the Rokon and the roller last night before the temps dropped to smooth out all the walking trails in the SFT proper, and I think that with the drop in temps to 19 degrees they should set up great for the shoe-based crowd. We’ve done a pretty good job keeping up their trails, and walkers have been very good about staying off the biking trails so I’m happy to report that we should have a stellar weekend of fat biking and walking in Ludington.

The screenshots of the maps below do a pretty good job of showing the difference between the biking and walking trails, as does the map here.

Everyone get your snow dancing boots on for Sunday, that looks like the best chance of any padding to our diminished base for the foreseeable future.

With all the new folks we’re seeing outdoors, we feel this needs to be repeated.

We respectfully ask that only fat tire bikes with 3.8″ or larger tires ride the singletrack sections in Ludington and at Big M. There are ungroomed trails in many spots around the state and locally if you don’t have this type of bike, but the trails are not built for any other bikes than the fat tires and riding regular mountain bikes and walking on them ruin them for fat tire riders. In Ludington we groom an equal amount of walking and biking trails, and there are an equal number of trails we don’t groom, so they are available for non-fat tire bikes.

Thank you, the groomers.

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