Ludington SFT & Big M 1/19/24 Weekend Update

First off, the cross country skiing is fantastic.

The snow is somewhat of a challenge to groom, but I’m gonna head out at lunch and try and repair all the hiker damage, put up some signs, and at least repair the base in preparation of additional snowfall predicted for This evening.

Here’s the intel I have on Big M…

We have made several passes on outer loop but there is so much snow and it has been so cold that it hadn’t set up much. I groomed it last night and it felt like the portions i started with had been setting up in the hours i was out there so it might be rideable with low pressure. Ken is going to groom it again tonight so it will hopefully be good for weekend. Beginner loop is similar but didn’t get groomed yesterday. Andy is grooming that this afternoon. Hiking trails are good for snowshoes hut kind of soft for normal boots. Tree down on the main corridor that is will cut tonight or tomorrow early.

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