Ludington SFT 2/8/21

Got to run my dream set up Sunday. SnowDog, sled and roller. Should be good this week.

I’ve been wanting to try the SnowDog with the roller we built for the Rokon. It’s a beast, but does a really nice job on the trail, so I knew there wouldn’t be much traffic out on Sunday, pretty cold, so I reinforced the back of the SnowDog sled with a chunk of wood and a sturdy eye bolt and off I went. The previous groom with the ski and comb tray left a nice base, but the sides caved in from all the snow on Thursday night. The roller pretty much makes a clean cut on the snow bank. Can’t wait to ride it tonight.

I don’t see much in the ten-day forecast (knock on wood) that will change the trail much. Come on up and ride, the more traffic the better.

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