Ludington SFT Report 2-7-17

I got talked into trying out the SFT trails last night, I’d thought that it had been too warm and they’d be too soft, I was wrong. They were great. It got very close to freezing last night so they probably didn’t soften up too much. With the forecast for today, gale warning with 35 MPH winds, it’s unlikely that there will be much traffic on them today and then it’s supposed to freeze again and stay cold. So I think they’re going to be fine through Saturday morning at least. The high temps are a little deceiving, it only gets that warm for a couple hours and as long as it gets below freezing at night the trail sets back up. Extended warm temps are the groomed trail killer. There’s a chance I may go groom VERY early Wednesday morning to smooth out some of the foot traffic on the shared use parts of the path. I’d rate the trail a 3.8 on a scale of 5. Grooming would boost that to 5 for sure. So we’ll see.

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