Ludington SFT Update 2-1-17

The trails didn’t absolutely need it last night, but looking at the weather forecast I thought that it was a good time to really go out and lay down some good tracks with the groomer, so I hit all of the cycling club single track in the school forest. In the disc golf course I did a little exploring, got lost three times, and added a bunch more groomed surface to the area. We’ll ride it tonight and I’ll find out how much it added up to. The folks at MyRaceSticker donated a pair of Bar Mitts for the Rokon so my hands were nice and warm last night too.

The blue lines are approximate locations of my Tuesday night wanderings. Looking at the ten day forecast (knock on wood) we should have really nice trails for the foreseeable future. I may go back to disc golf once it hardens up this weekend during the daytime and do some more scouting.


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