Ludington SFT update 2-13-20

Well I started with good intentions…

Tracksled broke down about 20 minutes in to the groom, we’re looking at it at lunch. Just got inner loop of north side done. Went to get Rokon, got through the walking trails and half of disc golf and the rear chain slipped off, I got it fixed enough to get it back home, but that’s out of commission too. We had a good base though, and other than footprints around the outer loop, which I assumed I would have gotten done, were it not for the breakdown, the trails should be in pretty good shape. The base we had will have set up quite well by now. It’s 15 degrees out.

Walk of shame time. At least it’s a short walk.
Ski, ice fishing sled contraption was working to perfection. The inner loop of the northern section of SFT is gonna be amazing.
The good news is that the front chain held fine this outing, bad news, back chain did not.
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