Ludington SFT – Valentine’s Day Special Update

I got out and groomed yesterday afternoon, we usually try and groom after dark, but life sometimes gets in the way, so I went out mid-day. That being said, if you’re riding anywhere and you see grooming operations underway, the trails will probably not be rideable, they need time to set up, so it’s best to bail and come back another day.

There was too much snow to pull the roller on the bike trails but I was able to pull a truck tire around behind the sled and then it got pretty cold last night. So the trails should hold up pretty well until Wednesday’s warm up. I would say that the trails should not be ridden Wednesday if it gets up to 4o+ like it’s supposed to. They’ll probably be fine after that.

We were then able to perform some long overdue maintenance on the Snow Dog. It takes a village, thanks to Mike and Mike for keeping me on the trails. I just drive the thing…
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