Manistee Area – Tuesday 2/8/22

**UPDATE: As of Wednesday morning, 2/9/22 it was already 36 degrees in Manistee and temps will not drop at all today. Please do not ride during this prolonged stretch of warm temps. If we give the trails a rest, they should be good for weekend riding.

All Manistee Area trails are in great shape, rock solid with very few slippery spots. There has not been any significant snowfall in over a week now.

The forecast for the rest of the week looks pretty irregular with highs above freezing and a mix of rain and snow as the temps rise and fall for the next three days. Then proper winter conditions will return in time for the weekend.

Please use your best judgment and common sense when deciding to ride the trails this week. The weekend riding has been spectacular this season and we’d like to keep it going! If we get enough snowfall to groom, we’ll be sure to let you know

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