SFT Update, 2-12-21

Post work edit. We got about 3″ of really fluffy snow this afternoon and it looks like it’s going to snow for the next 24 hours or so, conditions might not be all that great until Sunday morning. Let us know in the FB comments if you go and how it is.

I got out at lunch to clean up north side of Bryant from a hiker incursion, and hang up a few more signs to hopefully educate them. And then blasted down all the walking trails as the bike trails were mostly good. And of course now it’s a total white out outside. We’re supposed to get snow all weekend, trails should be good and if we get 2-3 inches I’ll groom everything Saturday night.

If anyone rides this afternoon or tonight, I’d be curious to know how it set up. I would think, at 22 degrees it would set up by 4-5. But there were fresh biking tracks when I was grooming so they may get some soft track on the north side.

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