Singletrack Showdown

Greetings fellow mountain bikers,

I had an idea last weekend while I was riding some new singletrack that our club, the Shoreline Cycling Club, built in our school forest. We need a bike race in town, and it didn’t seem like there was anything going on the weekend of Thanksgiving. So, I’m trying to pull one off. If you have a club or personal mailing list, calendar or Facebook page and could post the details of this race I’d surely appreciate it. We won’t have FINAL approval to use the school forest until Monday the 19th. So registration won’t start til Monday night. We expect approval.
Singletrack Showdown, 7.6 and 12.6 mile events, 1.3 of road and 5 or 10 miles of really nice trail (longer next year, just can’t shut down city on two weeks notice…)
November 24, 2012, 3:15 start time.
Over $1,000 in prize money, free Kenda water bottles to the first 100 entrants.
$30 entry fee.
If approved registration starts Monday November 19th.
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