Thanks everyone for coming to the SCC annual meeting.

We’re ready for snow. In case you’re wondering why Big M wasn’t groomed last week with all the snow they got, A > It’s firearm deer season, we like to give hunters these two weeks to do their thing, we get the woods the other 50 weeks. B > Our agreement with the Forest Service doesn’t allow any form of grooming until December 1st, probably because of reason A.

But we’re ready. I fired up the Snow Dog after it’s long summers nap, after replacing the battery, which cost 108 bucks, which brings us to our fundraising efforts. If you enjoy riding (or skiing) the Ludington School Forest trails, Big M or the Manistee Trail Park, consider donating or joining the club. We’ve made it easy to just donate by scanning the QR code over there in the right column, or you can join the club by clicking the link below.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.

108 bucks later, she fired right up…
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